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Monday 29 May 2017
Welcome to the TIME Opinion Leaders Panel

The TIME Opinion Leaders' Panel is an online forum at the forefront of news and business debate. Join today and become part of a select group of TIME readers who want their opinions heard.

As a TIME Opinion Leader, you will have access to "Have Your Say", a members' only online area which allows you to comment directly to our editors on the latest editions of TIME. Your comments will help us ensure that TIME continues to satisfy your requirements with its news and business coverage, and enable us to keep abreast of consumer views. You will also occasionally be sent short surveys on topics ranging from current news and future editorial coverage to technology and luxury goods.

Registration is easy - simply complete a short registration questionnaire with basic information about yourself, including the e-mail address you would like to be contacted at.

As special thanks for your participation, TIME will make an annual donation to UNICEF*.

The TIME Opinion Leaders' Panel is coordinated by MindMover, an independent market research company.

The TIME Opinion Leaders' Promise:

  • We will ensure each questionnaire takes no more than 10 minutes of your time
  • We will take care of your details so that you are not sold or marketed to as a result of joining TIME Opinion Leaders
  • Any comments you make, or questionnaires you complete, are confidential. This means your identity will never be known to TIME
  • We will make the experience as enjoyable as possible!

* TIME Opinion Leaders' Panel will make a €1000 donation to UNICEF at the end of each calendar year.